Scratch - Balance Bike - Space

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by DAM

This Balance Bike from Scratch grows along with the child even longer!

Not only can the seat be raised, but the frame can be placed the other way round when the child has outgrown the small bike. So your child can cycle away on the Scratch Balance Bike even longer!

A Scratch balance bike

  • is the pride and joy of any child, thanks to its attractive design.
  • stimulates motor skills.
  • teaches children to keep their balance.
  • increases their self-confidence.
  • makes the transition to a pedal bike without stabilisers a lot easier.
  • is made of strong and stable layered wood.
  • has inflatable tyres for more comfort. This spares your child’s joints, also during extended use.
  • has an in-built limited circle of rotation, which makes steering a lot easier.
  • can go on holiday with your family: the opening in the frame makes carrying easier and the bike only weighs 4kg.
  • has an adjustable seat. This balance bike grows with your child until he/she is ready for a pedal bike.
  • has no sharp edges.
  • will give your child pleasure for years to come.
  • is suited to children from 3 to 6 years of age.


grow along bike with reversible frame to make bike suitable for bigger children (3+), with adjustable seat height H29-45cm and restricted steering H52cm, in box

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