Scratch - Play Box - House 2 In 1

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by DAM

Welcome to the rabbit family!

The rabbits set out with the caravan; the magnet helps you attach the caravan to the minivan. The family goes for a walk with the buggy.

You can turn the box into a playhouse, which is handy for tucking your toys away nicely when you're done.The box is made of sturdy cardboard, and the 3 wooden figures, the minivan, caravan (magnetic) and buggy are included.

  • Endless playing and combination fun with this Scratch accessory set!
  • The set is made of durable cardboard. Each piece is printed on both sides with lovely drawings and is approximately 3 mm thick. No tools are required. Helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and stimulates creativity. Perfect for children aged 3 and up.
  • Collect the Scratch play houses and the other accessory sets in this range and build a whole Scratch village for even more fun!
  • Mix+Play is available in 5 themes: the zoo, traffic, the park, the farm and a road system that you click together like a puzzle. Combine them with the Scratch play houses or with your favourite figurines, animals, train sets and car sets - or even with your own drawings! In short, the possibilities are endless.


a car with a caravan, a pram and a rabbit family (3pcs), in carton and wood, in storage box

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