About Poppik

Meet Poppik and its exclusive concept. A ‘Poppik’ is a poster or card made with tens or hundreds of stickers to gradually create a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple; the result stunning! Discover these 'made in Europe' giant posters and the different collections.

The Discovery Posters include a lot of unique and extraordinary designs: learn more about the animals of the forests and the world, study the night skies while reading about the stars and planets or pin a flag on each country of the world. Poppik also offers Sticker Panoramas and Sticker Stories in several styles. Poppik promotes concentration and fine motor skills. Children and adults will enjoy this fun activity for a long, long time! Poppik is for everyone from 2 years and older.

What is a POPPIK?

A Poppik is a large educational poster, which the child completes with large, repositionable stickers. Each Poppik provides knowledge in English & French on a fascinating theme.