About Sam & Julia


Will you go on an adventure with Sam and Julia? Mouse Mansion is a wonderful world with cute, funny mice and impressive mouse houses in which Sam and Julia play the main role. There is plenty to see and discover: cosy rooms in the mouse houses, workshops, mouse-sized corridors, the secret cabin under the stairs, etc.
Sam and Julia experience the greatest adventures in the Mouse Mansion books. Nice to know: the creators of Sam & Julia make everything you see in the books themselves. To do so, they use cardboard, paper, recycled materials, wood, cloths, FIMO clay, papier mâché, etc.

Collect the cute cuddly mice and recreate all the fun stories from the books! In the mood to get creative? Build your own mouse house and let the cuddly mice experience all kinds of adventures in it.

We wish you lots of reading, playing and crafting fun!